No matter what time of year or whichever region you visit in Scotland, it is a great place to watch wildlife. Due to Scotland’s temperate climate, dramatic landscapes and generations of traditional care, the land has been shaped into a truly wonderful place for wildlife.

The Isle of Mull and the adjacent mainland are excellent places to watch white-tailed and golden eagles and otters. On the Inner Hebrides you will find the tamest puffins on Treshnish Islands. You will also see basking sharks and minke whales.

On the Islands of Rum and Jura you are guaranteed to see the red deer and it is a must to travel there in Autumn for the rutting season.

The West Coast and The Isles always has something to offer on the way of wildlife.

In the Highlands of Scotland, you will find the Cairngorms National Park, the UK’S largest national park and the home to a range of mountain and alpine birds. The commonplace to find red squirrels are in the ancient Caledonian pine forests of Rothiemurchus and Abernethy. Due to the vast heather moors, there is also excellent opportunities to spot red grouse and red deer. At dusk you can watch the badgers, at dawn the capercaillies and osprey and crested tits during the day.

Perthshire in central Scotland is one of the best places to see European beavers in the wild on the River Tay. Dunkeld and Birnam in the west of Glenshee in the east is covered in wildlife areas. You will get the opportunity to spot black and red grouse, red deer, roe deer, mountain hare, red squirrels and osprey. Perthshire has a beaver population of up to 200 individuals on the River Tay catchment, which also includes the rivers Isla and Ericht. As well as being found on rivers, the European beaver can also be found living in lochs and large ponds.

The Scottish Borders also has an abundance of rivers, lochs, wetlands, heath and moorland which makes it a great place to discover wildlife. In the forests you will see a huge variety of birds including siskin, crossbill, woodpeckers and tree creepers. There is also the opportunity to spot red squirrels and roe deer. In the moorland you will see red and black grouse and ring ouzel, as well as skylark, wheatear, curlew and lapwings. The birds of prey there include buzzard, merlin, hen harrier and short eared owls and occasional sighting of the golden eagle.

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