We offer Gin Tasting for private functions which are entirely flexible and tailored to your needs. Examples of these include, a gin nosing & and tasting session, a gin mixer drinks party, an artisanal gin bar, a gin & patisserie party, or gin & food pairing. If on the other hand you would prefer something individual, we are happy to provide this too.

The most popular and in demand Gin Tasting is the private events for Nosing & Tasting session.

On offer at this event is a choice of three or so very different gins to sample- all built for tonic – with you creating your own perfect serve G&T to match the botanicals in the gin your own palate.

95% of flavour is down to sense of smell, a few moments is spent experimenting with aroma recognition as you blind nose botanicals common to gin.

Samples of four gins as taken, each with a different flavour profile, using still or sparking water rather than tonic so you can appreciate the personality of the gin. Each gin is matched with its dominant botanical and ask you to guess the herb, spice, flower or fruit in question.

50+ different gins are on display – from across the UK and Europe – and ask you to choose your own gin to finish, based on your palate and preferences.

A full complement of big brand and craft gins home grown in Scotland are on offer. New and artisanal gins are also available from further a field. We encourage you to advise us of your regular gin brand so the event can be tailored to your individual needs.

During the session, you are encouraged to scribble down some thoughts on nosing botanicals and how you rate the gins you taste. Your comments are then collated and a personal gin report is compiled for each of you and emailed out within days of the event. The report reminds you of the gins you tasted and how you liked them, and advises each individual of your gin palate, including gin recommendations from across the globe to suit your flavour preference.

The average session runs for one and a half hours, or potentially two hours.

We also offer a Gin Tour of a Perthshire distillery. The event takes place in the Tasting Room, an informal space used during the day for visitors relaxing with a cup of coffee or glass of gin. The copper still is in full view and samples of the three styles of Gin are available.

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