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  1. Scotland’s love affair with Gin

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    When we think of Scotland, we automatically think of whisky, although Scotland is also renowned for high quality gin as well. 70% of the overall UK’s gin production is Scottish, it’s a well known fact that we are also exceptionally good making gin as well. Hendrick’s, Gordon’s and Tanqueray are three of the world’s best selling gins and they are all made right here in Scotland.

    Scottish gin is currently undergoing a massive revival, mainly due to an increase in small craft distilleries and also whisky companies going into the gin market. The recipe is flexible and fairly simple to produce, which in turn creates the perfect spirit.

    The British public spent £136 million on gin and that was just over the festive season. Here are just but a few examples of some of the outstanding gins that Scotland is producing right now.

    Islay – Botanist, made in Bruichaddich distillery on the beautiful island of Islay. Botanists claim to hand pick locally 22 foraged island botanicals, including gorse and wild mint. This is one of the bigger named gins.

    Isle of Harris- This gin has a beautiful coastal flavour, made from nine botanicals including locally sourced sugar kelp.

    Glasgow – Makar – Glasgow’s first whisky distillery is now making gin, creating small batch gins.

    Perthshire- Persie Gin. The makers say the smell is the sense that has the strongest ability to invigorate emotions.

    Speyside-Caorunn, created at Balmenach distillery in Speyside. It uses small batches of pure grain spirit which are triple distilled for smoothness.

    St.Andrews- Eden Mill, try to source most of their botanicals locally from places such as St. Andrews gardens and are keen to create seasonal small batches.


    Whatever your taste of gin maybe, why not come to Scotland and sample for yourself. There are numerous gin tasting events and distilleries here. So come along now. Visit www.stewartandmaclean.com and we’ll arrange everything for you.