It is estimated that over 40 million people across the globe can claim Scottish Ancestry. The good news is that Scotland has amongst the best and most accessible family history records in the world. It is therefore possible to identify your ancestor’s stories. Imagine being able to visit the towns and villages where they lived, visit where they may have worked and perhaps stand at their graves.

Genealogy – the study of family history and ancestry – is a growing leisure pursuit enjoyed by so many people across the world. Even if you don’t know your family history it is still possible, with the help of a professional genealogist, that on your trip to Scotland you could learn about your ancestors and visit the key sites where they lived their lives.

At Stewart and Maclean we work along side Heart of Scotland Ancestry. Collectively we can offer a personally tailored service to meet your individual needs. We have access to a professional , qualified and experienced genealogist who will be able to research your family’s history and learn all about where they lived, worked and died.

That information can be used to inform your holiday itinerary and give you the chance to visit the places relating to your ancestor’s story.

Using original documents and records at archives such as The National Records of Scotland and local archives, our genealogist will use sources such as birth, marriage and death records as well as Census records, old newspapers to produce a unique report on your ancestors.

A proper research project can take some time and therefore it is important to inform us as early as possible that you are interested in our ancestral service. You identify who you want researched and the extent of information you wish researched. To do so you agree a clear research budget – a minimum budget of 6 hours research is suggested for basic research. We help you provide what information you know to help our genealogist i.e. names, dates of birth, locations (forms provided). Any family stories you may have can help narrow the search.

The final product you receive will depend on your budget and can range from a simple chart with names, dates and location through to a wonderful and detailed story of your family which you can keep as a family heirloom for many years to come.

People visiting Scotland have said that the opportunity to visit the sites where your ancestors lived, worked and died is unique and for many a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn about your heritage and history.

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